I'm Alex.
a Product Designer dedicated to creating great user experiences through products that achieve user and business goals.
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OpenBlue Connected Equipment Portal

The Connected Equipment Internal Portal is a dashboard for HVAC chiller engineers and technicians to perform remote diagnostics & maintenance on machines that are located at offsite customer locations.

Custom Reporting

Feature Addon for Connected Equipment
This project is a feature add-on for the OpenBlue Connected Equipment portal after it's initial launch. Chiller engineers use reports and recommendations to communicate their diagnostic findings to other stakeholders and customers of Johnson Controls.
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My Philosophy

Prioritize understanding

I believe that thoroughly understanding the problem space before designing is paramount to delivering an exceptional user experience. I want to know the core business issues and user challenges that need to be addressed so time isn’t wasted solving the wrong problems.

Collaborative mindset

Design doesn't exist in a vacuum, and neither does my approach. I actively seek feedback from my team, the users I design for, and business stakeholders. Their insights not only enhance the solutions I create but also contribute to my continuous growth and skill refinement.

Passion for continuous learning

I am humble and understand that I don’t have the answers to everything. My passion for design motivates my continual learning by actively pursuing opportunities to enhance my skills. Through a variety of resources such as books, videos, courses and trainings from industry peers and leaders, my commitment to personal and professional development as a designer ensures my work remains fresh and innovative.


I am a Product Designer creating highly functional and aesthetically pleasing digital user experiences. I believe that quality UX starts and ends with a clear and empathic understanding of user needs and motivations.

My goal as a designer is to translate these needs into tangible experiences that solve human problems and contribute to business success.

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